About hertsgard

hertsgard was established by me, Patricia, in November 2017. I make handmade Teddy Bears, other creatures, patterns. But if you want to start your own adventure you can order a set, or visit my workshop in Groningen, Netherlands.

This journey of mine started as a search for a creative outlet. I have been creative my whole life, but the last 5 years it just kind of slipped my mind. In 2017 I found myself in big need of creating something, and I stumbled upon the Teddy Bear world which has a lot of opportunities and is just so colorful. When I created my first Teddy Bear I got a lot of positive feedback.

Now, after having tried a lot of patterns of other people, and having followed an online course, I started creating my own patterns and sewing my own Teddy Bears which I now present to the world!

Thank you for your interest and purchases, it means the world to me and my little Teddy Bear world!

Feel free to ask a question or simply leave a comment.